About Us


Barb’s Background

Creative designer Barb Galasso got her start in design and marketing with the classic artform of silhouette portraiture, which results in a masterful work that speaks volumes about its subject. Barb combined her passion for photography and graphic arts to produce custom, hand-cut silhouettes from vibrant cardstock. She’s now moved on from “just” this sort of portraiture, and offers a wide range of product design and marketing services.

Barb’s Work Process

Confirmation & Approval

Due to the nature of custom work, I will need to confirm project details with you by emailing you a rough sketch or computer rendering layout of the product design or marketing materials. At the point of your approval, I will start working on your project and your payment will become nonrefundable. When the product or materials are completed, we can meet to audit this first version, make any small tweaks, and set up a timeline for larger changes.

Shipment or Pickup

Once payment is received in full and verified, I can insure and ship any physical materials or prototypes, or you can arrange with me pickup in the Dallas TX area. Please be advised that the verifying process may take up to three weeks if paid by check. I currently utilize UPS Ground delivery, but please let me know if you prefer another shipping method (additional fees may be required).


Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for the entire process from the date I receive your order and payment. Because of the nature of custom work, actual delivery time may vary, and turnaround time can be shorter or longer than listed above depending on the amount of orders received and the nature of your project. If you have a special date in mind, please let me know, and, if possible, I will try to get the project completed to you in time.

This obviously does not apply for longer, ongoing projects!