I’m very happy to announce my newest collaboration with The Comfy Traveler! The Comfy Traveler is website run by Mr. Stanley dedicated to providing travelers with the most comfortable travel gear available. His primary focus right now is writing travel pillow reviews to help his users select the perfect travel pillow for flights, car rides, or any other type of travel out there. We will be collaborating on The Comfy Traveler’s first ever product – a line of custom travel pillows. Roger’s taken me on to head up designing the travel pillow, and I’ll also be working with him on marketing once a prototype is complete. This is a fairly new collaboration, so expect more details and a product timeline soon!


I’ve done extensive work in the past working on various bits of swag (mugs, tshirts, that sort of thing) for none other than lifehacker! Most companies go the boring route of mass-ordering poorly-designed branded swag for their employees, clients, and so on, but lifehacker wanted to do something different. They got in touch with me and I was able to produce some really neat, unique, branded goodies for everyone to enjoy!

Local Projects

Much of my work has been done with local businesses and brands in and around Dallas, Texas. I’ve played a key part in the following projects, to name a few:

Clocks by Stepanie Leonard

Jewelry by Debbie Carroll

Jewelry by Sally’s Designs

Cindy Pacileo’s Little Guys

Dayna Decker Candles

Dust Furniture

Jim Newby’s Birdhouses

Self Symmetry Jewelry

Studio 78 Furniture